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Easy install of TeX Live

The script allows the easy install of a current TeX Live version over the net. It is tested with the current Linux versions of OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. The script:

  • looks for a fast server
  • downloads the install script
  • deletes an existing TeX Live version from Ubuntu (deb) or openSUSE (rpm)
  • extracts and runs the install script
  • installs a complete up-to-date TeX Live from
  • installs the non free fonts from which are not part of TeX Live, like arial, Luxi mono, etc.
  • installs the GUIs TeXmaker and TeXworks
  • creates files for /etc/profile.d/
If no directory is specified, TeX Live will be installed in the home directory ~/texlive. For another directory, run the script with the directory name; e.g.:

./ /usr/local/texlive

for some actions the script needs to be root. In such cases it asks for the root password.

The authors are Rolf Niepraschk and Herbert Voß. The package is Copyright © 2012 Rolf Niepraschk, Herbert Voß.

License: lppl Version: 0.04 Catalogued: 2015-08-03